I finally got the sewing machine i have been wanting -FOREVER- After 2 years of using a ‘heavy duty’ Singer machine (pro tip to aspiring textile artists: don’t buy new Singer machines, as in ones made in the past 10 years. Cheap parts and definitely do not last…Mine needed a repair after 6 months.)

Anyway, I am incredibly excited to start using this baby. *^* I feel the need to cover it in Pokemon stickers.

Groudon’s my new intern.

I have done quite a few Espeon hats in my time but I think this is the first shiny version I ever had requested, so I thought I would post it.
Want one of your own? Get it in normal or shiny colours on my etsy shop.

Here’s a thing from a few weeks ago.
3 days of pattern cutting followed by 3 days of putting them together.
25 hats total. It’s kind of amazing what I can accomplish when I don’t want to be lazy.

Any and all of these are available to order in my etsy shop.


I took some suggestions from Reddit and came up with these patterns.
1. Ankha the cat
2. Beau the deer
3. Our lovely secretary Isabelle
4. Lucky the mummy dog
5. The 3 Octopus villagers - Zucker, Marina, and Octavian

All artwork is done be me and professionally printed on to polyester fabric. Small size pouches can fit your 3ds and large size pouches can fit your 3DS XL (or whatever you want to fit!)

You can find these (and more! I have 3 others include Julian, Merengue, and Stitches. I have Pokemon ones too.) in my Etsy shop.
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I have 2 new Pokemon pouches available today! (I decided to focus on Animal Crossing ones during this go of designs)

One includes the Kanto starts Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle!
The second include Munchlax and his evolution, Snorlax.

All artwork is drawn by me and professionally printed on durable polyester fabric!
Small size pouches can fit your 3DS and large size pouches can fit your XL! (Or whatever you want to put in there.)

Both are available for sale (along with lots of other Pokemon and Animal Crossing pouches!) In my etsy shop!
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Cute zipper pouches for all of your needs - carry around your 3DS, or your smartphone, money/cards, makeup, or whatever you can make fit!

- All artwork was done by me and professionally printed on polyester fabric.
- Fabric and prints are high quality and double sided.
- Line in black fabric on the inside and padded to protect your items.
- Smallest size (7x4 inches) is big enough to fit your 3DS and more!
- Large size (8x5 inches) is big enough to fit your XL and more!

I’m looking to get rid of old stock - so I’m having a bit of a sale!
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I’m pretty sure i’ve made this biggest wailord plush ever.
5 feet long, 14 lbs, and super amazingly cuddly.

My Mareep cosplay set! Includes a tail with belt loops and ears on a headband.
SmileAndLead Customs.

16 inch Ditto plush! He is waaaay squishy.
SmileAndLead Customs.

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